12 September, 2014


Anyone want to give me your opinion on an area rug?

I used to have a steal of a sea grass rug that I paid $130 for, it was normally $600. I LOVED it, the texture, the color, how casual it was, how much I didn't care if it got a little damaged because it was so cheap! But man it itched. The little fibers break off and stick through your clothes and stab you. And with little kids and the amount of time we spend on the floor it had to go. I was seriously bummed. I still have it. It's rolled up in the basement, waiting for another day.

So after a year of my old 5x8 rug, it's time for a new one, if I can swallow the price tag of 8x10. Pottery Barn and West Elm are having a pretty good sale right now, but it's still hard to pay that much for a rug and worry that I might hate it. I also want something soft for the kids to play on. I really like the flat weave rugs the best, but they don't feel as nice, so I'm willing to give it up. What don't mother's do for their children? Sheesh!

So, here is our unedited living room without the tree. Blue/green and white walls, orange couch old rug, etc.

Here is one rug I really like. I worry because it's blue. Is a blue rug and blue walls and blue pillows  and blue lamp etc. too much of a good thing? Also, is the rug too formal? I like that pattern and like that it could hide stains, but maybe it's too serious. But also, maybe a little serious is okay.

Here is another from Pottery Barn.

A similar one from West Elm, super shaggy.

The bottom cream rugs I love too, a lovely soft Scandinavian feel. One will most likely end up in our cabin. (Another blog post.) I picked these because I think they might be similar to the sea grass rug as far as a monochromatic, lighter color. However, is cream wool a really bad idea with kids? I don't super freak out about stains, unless they happen in the first week of ownership. We don't live in a model home here, I mean, this was the living room before I took the photo today...

Honestly, this is our room on a regular basis because my kids, okay Casey, can't stop himself from ransacking the pillows and couch cushions. For example, on another day...

At least he is having fun. We also eat snacks in there, but I'm thinking of ending that practice. I actually try to end that practice every 3 months, but I haven't succeeded yet. Eating on a couch is very comfortable. It must be a holdover from being single so long.

So, this really short blog post has gotten enormous. Does anyone have any wisdom to share on this matter?


Lori said...

not really any advice. but i love the colors in your room! and the wall treatments. so pretty!!!

get a soft rug for the kids that is somewhat stain resistant and a nice color. see how helpful i am? i think a rug that has a touch of blue to match the walls would be wonderful.

Joellyn said...

I think you have enough variation in your other furniture that the blue works okay. That said, I do love the cream shag. We have one in our living room but it's out of the way of main traffic. Otherwise I would be leery. Just don't spend too much so you aren't terrified of staining. I got mine (8x10) for $250 at SAMs club.

Talk of the Town said...

Thanks Lori, you are the nicest.

I remember your rug in the living room Joellyn and I like it. The price thing has got me though, unless I just say forget the kids and get the flat weave.

Costco has rugs occasionally here, but they are never in the right color, or size for that matter.

Maybe I should look around town tomorrow before I pull the cyber trigger.

Anonymous said...

. . . . . . . . . .