20 June, 2009


I desperately want this light fixture. I have for years, ever since I saw it on an HGTV design show. It's a bit more than I want to spend at this point in my life though. Maybe I should try and make one. How hard could that be?

12 June, 2009


I saw Matt Dorfman's invite on Design Sponge today. How can you not love the story! Great design too. (Stupid blogger, you'll need to click on the image to read it, because of the size restrictions.)


I love NPR and I love creative people and I'm really loving little dioramas lately. 3d artwork in general. Here they are all combined in a piece of artwork done by Grady Mcferrin for an NPR calendar. I love how he does the leaves on the trees.

Here is some other stuff he's done. Awesome.