23 March, 2010


I'm loving this new planner Erin Zamrzla made for herself. Oh crafty people...she's got LOTS of great stuff in her Etsy shop.

09 March, 2010


So, the last voting session was so fun, here on the blog and on facebook, I thought I would see if I could get you guys to participate again!!

This time it's over flowers. Let me tell you, deciding how to decorate is tough. Because I really want to decorate like David Stark, the event planner genius. But I lack thousands and thousands of dollars and time. My decorating will probably be sparse, and that's hard, my head is filled with so many great ideas and choosing which one is actually possible is tough.

But enough about that, this is about bouquets...VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

#1 Oh anemones, how I love thee. My friend Venessa turned me onto these and I will be forever grateful.
#2 Lavender. My favorite plant in my garden. I would have this hands down if I could get it fresh like in the first picture, which is impossible in April. So, dried then.

#3 Lavender with wheat. I think this is so gorgeous, but possibly a little cliche, considering I'm marrying a farmer.
#4 White tulips, great for April
#5 Ranunculus, speaks for itself

#6 Succulents. I came across these yesterday and am in LOVE with them. I think they are so beautiful and unique. Alberta isn't known for it's desert landscape, but does it matter?

#7 Parrot Tulips. Pretty...
#8 All green. Kind of fun, and my color!
#9 White Gerber daisies always look good.

#10 Lily of the Valley. I would do this too, but the florist basically said no, it's too fragile. But how do these people do it???

01 March, 2010


So most of the invites are out! This is a major accomplishment. I like how they turned out, but they were never what I had in mind. They became more simple in their look, not necessarily simple in the length of time they took to create. And because our turnaround time was tight, I try to forgive myself for the little design flaws I would fix had I noticed them before they went to press. (Pictures to come sooner or later. They will come though.)

We wanted something a little different and fun. Maybe interesting to read. We had fun putting it together. And I had fun finding inspiration. Here are some fun wedding invites I found online.

I'm really loving Rifle Paper Co. My new favorite website.

Found at the Wedding Chicks

Peculiar Pair Press
Boxcar Press

So beautiful...Jeremy & Kathleen

Studio on Fire. They can do no wrong in my eyes. The font in the second invite really inspired me so I stole it! Okay, it is an old font already that I never realized had the swashes. I love how the designer added the leaf detail to the end. Oh to have the time to do fun stuff.