07 September, 2010


The time has come (and probably past) to start sharing bits and pieces of our wedding. I know you're dying to see it all, because my life is incredibly fascinating. It is, I'm just waiting for Hollywood to call.

So, let's start with the invites. Makes sense.

I put in some late nights sketching, researching, and designing them, then I turned around and completely changed how I wanted the invites to look. I really like how they turned out, simple and fresh. Mike and I had a fun coming up with the timeline, I think it is our favorite part. Mike's most baffling part was WHY was I stressing so much over how the invite should look. Just write it down on some loose leaf paper and lets go make photocopies! Okay, he didn't say that, but I'm sure he would have been fine if that's what we had done.

Then it was all hands on deck to assemble. My sister and niece even came up from the states (with a couple wedding dresses in tow). What would I ever have done without family. Here are some of them, assembling and cutting etc etc.

Why are these times some of the most fun? Probably because I get to boss everyone around.

Their nimble fingers created this package...

Which opened up into these pieces...

That tells a little story...

Let me tell you. These pictures were a pain. The wind kept knocking them down and clouds kept rolling by and I should go back in and make them all the same size and color, but...who cares.

I will always love these invites. I may dislike the design as it becomes dated, but I will always remember the fun time we had getting the ideas out there, having family assemble them and for mostly what they represent. One of the best days in my life.