16 September, 2012


I've been hesitant to post about this because I feel like I'm bragging, even though I know I'm not. But, in the interest of sharing with my long lost friends down south and overseas I thought you might like to know a little of what I have been up to.

For the last couple of years, Mike and I have been having fun daydreaming about owning a cabin by a lake. Far off dreams, when we were older, possibly retired. When we visited the Flathead Valley last year we saw how depressed the house prices were and our dreams became a little more...dreamy.

Then tragedy struck the little town I grew up in and 4 young teens were killed in a car accident. All four were the children of friends of mine. At one funeral, the parents had laid out photos of their daughter with the family at their cabin in B.C. and let me tell you, those photos were FULL of one joyful girl and the memories shared with all of her family in that cabin, on that lake. My eyes still tear up at the memory. I left that day feeling how lucky they were to share those moments with her in their little slice of paradise, in their proclaimed hut in the woods. It impacted me.

We have also had other, closer to home, reminders this year of reasons not to wait until retirement to do what makes you happy. So, spurred on by the desire to make the most of our lives with each other and Casey we own a beautiful place with amazing views of Flathead Lake. And as Mike said the day we bought it, "Now let's go make some memories."

View of Flathead Lake from the main floor.

The man who built it made all of the cabinets, as well as the windows and doors, etc. He was a real craftsman who made mandolins. He put a lot of care into the house.

We made some changes by adding balusters to the loft and main floor so it was less of a deathtrap for toddlers.

And the cabin now has furniture in it, which is an added bonus for us. The mattress is still on the floor though.

The view from the loft, a real slice of heaven.

Let's go make some memories little man.