07 November, 2009


I go to bed every night when it gets cold with a hot water bottle. I like mine bare so I get good and hot under the covers. (Keep it clean people.) But these hot water bottle covers are so fun. I found it while stalking Maggie Makes blog, but the tutorial is found at Patchwork.

I love blogs and tutorials. What did we ever do before the web.

03 November, 2009


I live here now...
I know you think I'm joking, That's my dad standing there. Okay, now I'm lying, that's not my dad and we do get snow but it usually looks like this...

A lot less exciting huh? It's definitely dumped snow here, but it likes to blow away, really faaaarrrr away. The wind blows so hard that they have put up a wind gauge in Lethbridge.

Yes, that is a big wrecking ball blowing in the wind. Okay, okay, it is also a sculpture. I can never hold onto a lie very long, but let me tell you, the wind has blown so hard here that I have almost been blown back to school on my walk home. NO JOKE! The wind has also blown me across a skating rink. I hate the wind. It's ruined many ice cream cones.

After 20 years I have moved back to where I grew up, Southern Alberta.
Andre Salvador
Mike Basil Otto RappTo date a farmer who lives on property very similar to this...
Otto Rapp
He doesn't farm the coulee of course, he farms the land on top of his coulee. The flat stuff. It's very flat where I live. Strange after living among mountains for so long. And the city of Lethbridge isn't known for it's quaintness, but I'm determined to discover it. I know it's in there somewhere.

Luckily the mountains are only 45 minutes away. Alberta has some of the most beautiful wilderness you have ever seen.

I worked here for the summer...

Okay, I bailed after 2 weeks, but I still worked there!!! Waterton is a slice of heaven on earth and just an hour away.

Then there is Banff. It can feel like another world. Especially when you walk into the specialty shops and the Japanese shopkeepers shake their hands at you and exclaim, "I don't speak English."

"But, I'm in Canada....aren't I? Where am I?" It's very disconcerting.

Moving back has been surreal. But I will admit, something fills my heart when the Canadian border guards say, "Welcome home."

So there will be more to post about Alberta as I do my best to convince everyone to come for a visit.