30 March, 2009


If I were to ever win Powerball I would use some of the money to hire a decorator and it would be one of these women. One I saw on Design Sponge and the other I used to watch religiously when I had HGTV.

I wish I lived in a state that had Powerball. However, when I did live in a state that did have it I never played, but it didn't stop me from dreaming about it.

Jessica Helgerson uses neutrals in the most lovely way

Candice Olsen has the best lighting design.

26 March, 2009


And it's not with a man it's with the 2unfold bag from Hand Graft. (Although the man in the photo is pretty cute). All of these photos belong to one bag. Seriously, it can do all of these things. It can hold a 17" laptop or fold down into a clutch. I like the messenger look and the clutch look the most. The canvas comes from reversing it inside out. Genius. If I had 500 bucks just lying around I'd get one. How do I become that woman who needs $40K a week just to survive.

Venessa found some awesome inspiration online today.

24 March, 2009


Now, as a little girl I hated ruffles. I wore them because it was the 70's and the beginning of the 80's and my mom sewed my clothes. I guess I could handle it in the dresses until I hit junior high, but the underwear was more than I could bear, or bare if you like. I think I had ruffly underwear even before I was in kindergarten. I hated them and cried if I had to wear them.

Which makes it strange that I LOVE these pillows done by my childhood friend, college roommate for a time, and even sister, The Lazy Organizer. Sister is a questionable term though, if you were to equate her to a Woman of the Amazon, then I would be a Pigmy.

But I look at these pillows and I want to fill my couch and bed, then luxuriate in them like her little girl is. I want to be a girly girl. I'm just really digging the red, pink and lime green together. I wonder why?

Oh well, my Pigmy furnishings will have to do for now.<


My Etsy site gets a nice little lift when my stuff is shown on Etsy's front page. This time in the gift section, and two items listed FIRST! 

No sales, but it still adds a little cheer to my day.

18 March, 2009


You guys should check out what my friend Kristina is up to. Talent oozing from ever finger.

13 March, 2009


100-year-old celebrates her birthday by smoking 170,000th cigarette

Last night my Etsy site hit 100 sales and now it's up to 101. It's a red letter day! In celebration I stayed up late on the internet researching things to go with my 100 moment and it would be a mistake not to start with the above Winnie Langley.

Fittingly if Winnie's lungs haven't given out on her yet, she is now officially 101 (my current sales data) as this article I found was old. And she must be as sharp as a tack if she can remember the number of cigarettes she has smoked in her lifetime. I can't even remember where I park my car at work. What does Winnie attribute her longevity to? I quote, "Mrs Langley insists she's never suffered because of the habit as she "has never inhaled". . . That sounds strangely familiar.

Second we'll talk about how it is the 100 year anniversary of how Ernest Shackleton's expedition claims to have found the Magnetic South Pole, but the location recorded for it may be incorrect. So, what we are to learn from this Wikipedia entry of things that happened in 1909, is that even declarations are historically important, because apparently this dude didn't in fact find the South Pole, but some random spot next to it. So, in the spirit of historical declarations, I claim that I have found the Magnetic Mountain West Pole on my run this morning. You heard it here first. I put it in my back pocket. Did you get that Wikipedia?

Third is AFI's top 100 movies, selected by AFI's blue-ribbon panel. I really think that AFI should rename their blue-ribbon panel because now I can't get the image of large pigs at the state fair out of my mind. Anyway, I digress; the 100th movie is Yankee Doddle Dandy. I've seen and it was very entertained by it. Moving on.

Fourth, I would love to write what the 100th song is on Billboards Top 100 today, but apparently you have to be a subscriber to see the lowest numbers on the chart. Who cares about number 1! The rudest thing I can say about Billboard and keep this thing PG is that your all a bunch of Blue-Ribbon Panelists!

Fifth, on the S&P 100 Apple is trading at 95.93 and Microsoft is trading at 16.65. I wish I had stock in Apple. Well, I wish I had stock in Microsoft as well and had cashed out when it was high. Apparently Bill Gates' wife wants an iPhone SO bad, but she is forbidden from owning one. I have an iPhone. Na na na na neener, I have something you can't buy with all your copious amounts of money. . . Somehow I don't feel better.

Anyway, that's it. I was toying with the idea of making this a list of 100 Facts About 100, but truthfully a list of 5 is long enough.