27 December, 2008


I just found these beautiful paper sculptures done by Yulia Brodskaya. It's really just an awesome representation of paper quilling. Most quilling I've seen looks pretty dated, but seeing this makes me want to run out and give it a whirl.

23 December, 2008


I had to post this image from Design Sponge. I simply love it and one day will do it when I get my wrapping act together.


18 December, 2008


I've taken my dog running a lot this summer, getting him an me in shape. Unfortunately, he started getting a little gimpy and finally blew out his ACL and has been hobbling around on 3 legs the last couple weeks. He's only 7 1/2 and I really want his remaining years to be good, so he went in for TPLO surgery this morning.

It's pretty invasive and involves the sawing of bones so I shed a few tears when I dropped him off because you never know what could happen during surgery. But they said he looks good although he may have an ulcer. I'm not even going to think about what that means. And I've decided not to think about the money either. Just like Scarlet, "I'll think about that tomorrow." 

16 December, 2008


Paper is awesome. It's so versatile and extremely cool. For example paper flowers are WAY more cool than silk flowers. So if you think you're hip, and you have silk flowers in your house, you might not be. I'm just sayin'.

Now I feel bad for saying that. . . I once told a roommate that if your jeans rubbed together when you walked you knew you were gaining too much weight. That was a mistake. I have never seen anyone agonize more about the fact that her jeans rubbed together. The fact is, everyone's jeans rub together when they walk and no matter how many times I tried to recant my jean rubbing statement, she would never let it go. She had other issues as well though...

So don't throw out your flowers. If you have silk flowers you can probably pull it off because of your extreme hipness!

Speaking of large hips, these paper wreaths done by Haru are to die for. She has a real skill in putting them together. I love how she has made the bottom a little thicker than the top on some of them. Nice touch.

I might have to try and make some of these.

13 December, 2008


I've been so busy this year, that I decided to buy a fake tree. Hmmm. The thought of getting a real tree and chopping off the bottom and remembering to water it, was almost overwhelming so, a fake pre-lit tree it was.

I'm not sure if it was easier though. That thing is heavy, and I got the floor model so we had to stuff the whole thing in my car. In the process breaking a wire. So I had to hard wire some lights together. I'm thinking it could be a potential fire hazard. But I'm willing to risk it for the lights. I haven't even bothered to decorate it yet, but I'm enjoying the glow from the many little lights.

So, in remembrance of my real little trees in Christmases past, here is a couple photos of one of them.

09 December, 2008


It occurs to me I never posted my new Postal Calendar. I love it. I'm waiting for some to be delivered this week to sell, but a lucky girl in New York got my prototype. 

08 December, 2008


I often teach a woman at work a lot about her computer design programs and she religiously takes notes on scraps of paper that inevitably get lost the next day and I end up going over the instructions again because she says she can't remember. Which is great because it gives me an excuse to talk to her. If you knew her, you would want to talk to her also.

However, over a month ago, I told her I was going to make her a book. No more scraps of paper. And here it is. Orange to match her hair and personality and I only gave her two tabs for computer notes and work ideas. Keep it simple.

I thought other people might like to make this book for themselves or others so I put it in my Etsy shop. The blue one will go up tomorrow.

05 December, 2008


So let it be done.

Christi Shanks, you are the lucky Glittering Tulip Chandelier in a Box winner! How exciting! I think I use too many exclamation points in life. But sometimes it's just too dang awesome not to.

I'll e-mail you to get your address.

Thanks for participating everyone.

04 December, 2008


This is the first time I have ever done a showcase. What a crazy amount of work getting everything ready. Then I think of the women getting the beautiful house ready where the Piper and Chloe Holiday Showcase is being held, and how much time they've put in. It's amazing these things get launched.

So, I took a photo of my setup. It's not like I originally planned because they wanted to hang the my mini chandeliers from their real chandeliers. Kind of a fun twist.

Using the ladder was Renae's brilliant idea. She's a genius that one. I think it looks cute, if you can tell through the horrific photo.

Don't forget the Glittering Tulip giveaway tomorrow. You still have time to enter.

02 December, 2008


I saw this beautiful stand on Etsy's front page today. I think it is dreamy. There is not a better word for it. You can find it at Whitney Smith's Etsy site.

Oh and Andrea, it's time for you to go home ; )

01 December, 2008


For the first day of December I'm giving away. 

Now I have to say, I consider myself reasonably intelligent and I'm somewhat computer savvy. But truly, I'm an idiot when it comes to figuring out how Technorati works. I don't think it does, it can't be me. There are a lot of you with links out there and I'm so HAPPY for them and I've seen lots of people check out my blog through your links. But they just don't show up in my link searches and I've spent waaaayyy too much time trying to figure it out. (If you know something I don't please tell me)

So, onward and upward I will select from the messages. Which means, if you didn't submit to the Chandelier in a Box giveaway because you don't have a blog, here is your CHANCE!

I've picked my random number from Research Randomizer 

CATHERINE THIS IS YOU!!!! I love winning stuff. Congratulations. I'm going to try and find your e-mail address right now. If you don't see anything in your e-mail, contact me.