21 December, 2009


I'm moving again. The farm house has been rented so I'm moving into town and finally found a nice clean place. I'm tired of moving. This is my 4th official move since September. Most everything is still in boxes so I don't really need too pack up to much, but if I ever want to box stuff up in a creative way, I want Michael Johansson to come and do my packing. His sculptures are crazy fun.

18 December, 2009


This bathroom redo is gorgeous. I saw it on Design Sponge and had to share the glory of it all. The tile on the floor, the vanity, the sink...yum. If I ever have a bathroom big enough to do this in, I'm totally stealing this idea. You can find it over at Southern Exposure.

16 December, 2009


What you believe about Canada is true. We live in igloos. It has been so cold up here that the inside of my windows froze. Ice inside the house = an igloo in my book.

It has been so cold my Listerine froze. I didn't know this was possible. I mean, don't people put alcohol in freezers and it stays a liquid? I don't know what the alcohol content is in Listerine, but I know it has been used by some people to take the edge off. Hmm, come to think of it, my laser cutter broke before I could even use it yesterday. Off to find my Listerine.

08 December, 2009


It's been a month and a half since I left my job at Stampin' Up to move to Canada. Last weekend I was down collecting the last of my life and went to dinner with my "old" coworkers. I can't tell you enough how wonderful they are. If everyone got to work with as funny, beautiful, caring women as I did, you would be fortunate indeed. I miss my back up singers . . . "Trouble with a capital "T" And that rhymes with "P" and that stands for pool!". You think I'm sucking up right now don't you . . .

Being a product designer is the coolest creative job and I wanted to show some of my favorite stuff I did. So anyone out there looking for a freelance paper product designer, HIRE ME! I'm available.

Usually after designing a product I'm pretty sick of looking at it, but not this. I still love this DSP, Urban Garden. Andrea and I thought we were such geniuses when we put these colors together.

Here is the stamp set I did to go with the silhouette line. I really wanted these pictures, I wonder where they ended up?

Build-a-fairytale . . . Reminds me of my felt boards I played with as a kid. Really fun to design.

Taking the Pink Flamingo paper to review was very heart pounding. I had worked on it for hours the night before and it felt very risky to present. It was so different. But Shelly put it in her line! That was a nice surprise.

Oh Raspberry Tart . . . I knew these colors were going to be to die for. And I don't like pink! I think I had a few eyebrows raised at me when I suggested the combination, but I work with a very trusting group. Kiwi Kiss, I wish that color would always be in style. I have an awful feeling that forest green will be raising it's ugly head soon, it was big in the 80's. Remember?

Well, there is the first installment of my SU! portfolio presentation. I have got to go to bed. WHY AM I STILL AWAKE! I wish I could show you the stuff going in 2010's catalog. It ranks up there with Urban Garden as one of my favorites.

03 December, 2009


This commercial makes me laugh EVERY time. Last night Mike and I couldn't stop laughing. The more we see it, the more we laugh. There must be some subliminal message, because it isn't that funny.


I'm so busy lately. Actually, it's not lately, it's always. There just aren't enough hours in the day. I'm continually making daily lists to work through, and yet I never make it through. I just keep adding to it. I now have two working lists, one that I need to work through now and one that includes things I want to do, but aren't going to happen any time soon. I just don't want to forget about them you know.

I'm also supposed to give out a Christmas list so I don't end up with . . . oh . . . say . . . underwear with ruffles on the bum. I got that for Christmas years ago. I was so embarrassed. I saw these Christmas Cheat Sheets this morning by Simon Cook and think they are fun.

He's got a lot of great designs on his website and free downloads too.