28 August, 2009


I'm packing up my house and finding things that haven't seen the light of day for a few years and I'm throwing a lot away. I'm not really a junk collector. However, I will probably never get rid of these quilt blocks. I started them 11 years ago when I moved to Oregon. I was bored and lonely and so to occupy my time I went out and bought fabric. Makes sense right?

But I'm not sure what to do. 11 years is a long time. Fabric has changed and I certainly wouldn't choose this fabric to make this quilt again. Should I finish it? Should I change out the fabric and start again? I'm inclined to think the fabric really isn't that bad. A couple little country designs never hurt anyone...except emotionally.

What do you think?

25 August, 2009


What type of mother will I make. Look at my poor dog! This is what happens to him when he isn't allowed in the house in Canada. The mosquitoes try to carry him away while they suck him dry.

Many times my mom would say, "It's such a beautiful day, I'm sure Jasper would rather be outside."

"Wanna, bet." And I would promptly open the door and show him the great outdoors. "Here's your chance. Go be a free dog." His ears would instantly drop and he'd look at me like I was punishing him. So I would grab his collar and give it a little tug and in turn he would instantly go stiff legged, "NOOOOOOOO!!!!"

He hates being outside. If I sit outside in my backyard with him and a fly happens to land on his butt, he gets up and goes in, leaving me to my own devices. He's such a pansy.

Look at his poor swollen eyes.

And all down his snout. He must have had hundreds of bites.

"You did this to me." A dog can say a lot with his eyes. Swollen eyes say, you're a bad mother. Guilty....

24 August, 2009


Love 'em or hate 'em, they are awesome in this stop animation. I want to do stop animation. I need to control the things I want to do because I never do any of them and it just gets depressing after a while.

Michael Stevenson did his film Pigeon Pilfer as a student at San Francisco State University. It took 60 pounds of clay. I wonder how much it cost him? Being an art student is expensive. What am I saying? Being a student is expensive!

Pigeon Pilfer from Michael Stevenson on Vimeo.

20 August, 2009


How pretty. I kind of miss making business cards and I'm really loving colored edges. Especially this color green. Yum. I want to make something so I can color the edges, stack them and enjoy. I think one of the things I love most about Studio On Fire, aside from the jobs they print is the tips they give with their posts. It makes me feel smarter.

15 August, 2009


I finally took the time today to stitch on my quilt. The last time I did it was when I was in Canada. Guess where I am now . . . in Canada again! Maybe I should stay and get the quilt done. I'm obviously too busy to finish it at home. Too many other things happening.

I really love this embroidery stitch; the two grays twisted together give it a nice depth. I think it is called a rope stitch? I'll have to refer to my notes when I'm home. Maybe that will motivate me to put the quilt higher on the totem pole of priorities. If I keep going at this pace The Lazy Organizer will have finished her quilt months before me. And she's self-confessed LAZY!!

12 August, 2009


Isn't is sad John Hughes passed away? Nobody made high school films like he did. And it isn't just because I was in high school when he made them. The best kiss ever was in Some Kind of Wonderful. Watts is so awkward and I remember slipping down in my theater seat when Keith grabs Watts' butt. I think I still would!

The music is killer as well. It gave the kiss even more impact. Hughes, or whomever, picked the greatest music for his films. He introduced me to Otis Redding in Pretty in Pink and I still have Try a Little Tenderness on tape. I think I found it in a second hand store.

I so wanted Andie to be with Duckie. He had the coolest shoes.