30 September, 2009


I love this necklace featured on Style Me Pretty. I have no idea where I would wear it or what I would wear it with, but I really want to make one. Stephanie explains how she made it here and all I can think is, it would never occur to me to make something that looked so feminine, sheik and downright cool. If cosmic forces aligned and I had accidentally made this, I would think, "I want my money and my time back!" Sometimes it's easier to evaluate things when they are made by other hands.

Isn't she a pretty bride? She looks like Marisa Tomei.

18 September, 2009


Oh Roland . . . I don't know where I would hang this after I messed around with it, but I love the whole concept. A+!

12 September, 2009


I am homeless . . . I feel great! I can't believe it. On Tuesday I shed some tears as my sister and I hurriedly tried to shove every last bit of my life in our cars. I walked through the house alone, admired, got verklempt then drove away. Wednesday I found out the correct plumbing wasn't fixed, so after I signed my closing papers I had to go sit at my now SOLD house and wait as the plumber worked and thought, this house is still taking money from me! I walked through again after I handed over the check, locked the doors, dropped the key through the mail slot and shed no tears. Friday I did a drive by, yes I did. The driveway was filled with cars. The front door was open with people milling by and I thought, well, they get to deal with the bills and the spiders, and the weeds and the unfinished fence and the plumbing now. Not my problem. I am FREE!!

Until I buy another house. I've already decided my next house will be a lovely and warm and white. What!! you don't think white can be warm? I disagree. What do you think of these...

The above is from a show I love, Design Inc. They do such amazing stuff. I don't really want all white furniture because I'm the worlds largest slob, but I admire. From afar...

Check out that chandelier above, kind of hard to see, but so interesting.

Throw in some colorful rugs wowza! You've got amazing things happening.

Amy Butler has started home textiles and she is rockin' the rugs. I just want to lay across them.

I also found this company, Galbraith & Paul while looking for rugs tonight. Holy cow they rock my eyes! (words from my friend Jen, sort of). They design and make the textiles, lighting and rugs? themselves.

These lampshades are awesome. How fun would they be in a white house! I know.

And here they are actually making the fabric. I want to do this. Who does this? Please invite me over so I can learn your tricks and make my own stuff. Seriously. Nothing makes me want something less than when everyone else has it. So therefor, I should make my own. How high school I know. I should be ashamed, but I'm not.