30 April, 2008


This guy Gradus...what else can I say, completely impressive. The kid is adorable. We were laughing pretty hard at work watching him write the letters.

Yes Andrea, I know how to spell and say skills. C'est la vie baby, c'est la vie.

27 April, 2008


One reason I love The New Yorker is because they keep illustration alive. So many magazines have done away with illustration in favor of photos or clip art which has led to a real shortage of a meaningful, thoughtful images such as this...

It makes my heart happy to see Peter de Séve's artwork. He's clever while sending a message. And how can you not love this image titled Local Hero's. Painted after 9/11 it's a great commentary on the tragedy...

Anita Kunz is also a really amazing and thoughtful illustrator. I find one of her latest covers for the New Yorker profoundly funny...

I don't know why, but it makes me think of the Hutterites at home. I used to always wonder if they envied us when we wore shorts in the hot summer. This illustration makes me doubt it for some reason. These Hutterite kids are cute aren't they...

21 April, 2008


I'm so tired of being cold. I've decided I would rather the earth move towards the sun and not away. Remember this from the Twilight Zone.

19 April, 2008


This last Christmas I seemed to be juggling a lot of craft projects. None of which are completed. As part of a bigger idea I started these felt flowers which were heavily inspired by a very cool felt flower on Heather Bailey's blog. I think now that I have a new niece I should finish the project (to be revealed at a later time) and give it to her.

Here is a close up. I used a running stitch in the pink felt and a blanket stitch in the beige. And don't you just love the covered button? Killer fabric.

I felted (fulled) the beige felt myself from an old wool sweater. What a process that was. Energy efficient washers just don't felt like a good old fashioned water waster.

I'm thinking I should make some kits out there for people to make their own flowers. It really was a good project to keep your hands busy while watching TV. I'll have to mull that idea over.

18 April, 2008


I just need to talk about this blog Bakerella. Annie at work made these cupcakes for Cupcake Tuesday. Sounds fun doesn't it, Cupcake Tuesday... unfortunately it died a very rapid death. It only occurred for 3 weeks and one of those weeks it was on Wednesday.

Kristina showed me the Bakerella blog and I just can't stop looking at it. The photos are so beautiful and the food looks delectable. Not to mention the fact that she has only been blogging since October 2007 and she appeared on Martha Stewart's show to make these very cupcakes. How COOL is that! She did a great job.

And YUM! I want to eat the photo. Unfortunately I made a pact with my coworkers that we wouldn't eat any sugar. Except a homemade treat on someones birthday for the next three weeks. I think mine is the next birthday. Hint, hint.

17 April, 2008


I found this post on a very funny site Passive Aggressive Notes.com. I think it is fitting seeing as tomorrow is Friday. I think I'll hang this note in my cube.

Akexa in texas works in a graduate lab of five students. one friday, she says, “our advisor came in around 9:30 a.m. looking for us. no dice: except for one poor guy, we were all out. when the hard-working crew finally rolled in around 1:30 (or, um, 3 p.m.), they were greeted by this inspirational slogan pinned to the door.

maybe if it was hawaiian shirt day?

13 April, 2008


Jordan Crane is so clever in this book cover illustration. The 3 bellybands are truly thinking outside the box. I'd buy this book because of the cover. But most of my books I buy because of the cover, so that's nothing new.

10 April, 2008


One of the great things about my job is the inspiration days we get to take. You never know what will generate a good idea so we go to all types of stores with open minds. One favorite store is Hip & Humble. It's definitely hip, I'm not sure about the humble part though.

These are our finds:

How cool is this bag? I wanted it so bad, but even on sale it was out of my price range.

Along with bag you must notice the gorgeous ring on little Lauren's hand. It was also found on the inspiration day at another great store called Apt. 202. Lauren is modeling the ring as well as some luggage tags we found very clever.

And finally the quilt. Doesn't it just scream, I'M HAPPY! Maybe when we are down, all we need is a happy bright quilt to crawl under. It's full of awesomeness. (OK, I totally thought I made up that last word, but apparently it's in the urban dictionary.)

09 April, 2008


I hate the smell of my unscented face soap.

08 April, 2008


I just love creative people.


The good news today is that little Brooklyn Bogdan (She now has a name) doesn't have Turner's syndrome. A big YA! for that. She did suffer a collapsed lung last night but has improved today.

Other good news is that Kristina is back at work and we are happy. To celebrate her return I'm posting a card I made last November during our Second Annual After Thanksgiving Girls Weekend. This involves me, my sister and her daughter. I love two year traditions. The card was sent to my nephew in California.

This post is truly in Kristina's honor because she makes incredible cards and I don't make any. Except this one.

07 April, 2008


So, have a wonderful friend, Kristina Werner, and I frequent her blog constantly because she is a great designer and I love to see the creations she has come up with. Now I am stealing videos from her.

A few weeks ago she filmed Christy demonstrating how to make a paper star at work. I want to remember it always, so I am posting it for posterity.

06 April, 2008


I know, I know, I haven't written in you for so long. (an excerpt from my 12 year old journal)

However, in my 37 year old blog, life has gotten very exciting because we have a new baby in our family. It only took 12 years to get a new baby.

She's 5 or 6 weeks early ( I almost said months!) 4 pounds and 16 1/2 inches long.

I'm happy to see her first dog looks like Jasper. You can see the similarities in the photo I posted in February. (Not too hard to find as it is my one and only other post. )

Things look good when you have a dog like Jasper in your crib.

till tomoro goodnighte. I know i spellt tommoro rong. (Another 12 year old excerpt. I wish I could say my spelling has improved.)