29 October, 2009


Almost time to think about Christmas. Look at this amazing tutorial for stockings from Maggie Makes. The colors are so beautiful and non-traditional. I think I might have to make some. I'm pretty sure if my friend Paula likes it enough she'll have it made by this weekend. She is compelled to craft after all and the fastest crafter I have ever seen.

01 October, 2009


Yep, I splurged and got a new camera. The photogs at work tried to convince me that I needed the Canon 7D. They are silver tongued canon convincers and I almost took the bait. But in reality, I have a lot to learn before I plunk down what to the photog world is a paltry sum of money for fairly good equipment. If I ever think I'm good enough to deserve the 7D, I'll spend, spend, spend. Instead I just spent, spent on the Canon T1i.

I took it out for a spin yesterday and WOW, I love the camera and can't wait till I take photos that I drool over. But this is what I have so far, using my dog as my muse.

Off to find the rock amongst the grain.

I think he smells it!

Where'd he go?

A chocolate lab rises from the gold.

Stand BACK.

I could only get this shot by faking I was going to throw a rock. How do people get pictures of dogs? When I move, he moves. I'm not going to lie, me + camera + dog = a frustrated agony.