20 February, 2011


I was talking to some family last night about how much I dislike the fluorescent bulbs. The light is harsh and they are toxic to throw away. So I went on a search to see if they made LED lights in the shape of regular bulbs and I came across this beauty at C. Crane.

It creates a warm light closer to an incandescent bulb, lasts about 10 years of average use and doesn't have any mercury or lead. Not cheap, but not as expensive as it used to be either! And it's quite pretty.

Just thought you should know.

16 February, 2011


Now that the wedding is over it's time to vote over renovation items.

I think the choice of bathtubs is a hard one because 1. buying online is less expensive, but you can't sit in them and give them a test drive 2. They aren't cheap, even online 3. They are hard to return if you don't like them.

I am a big advocate of buyers remorse. I have it all the time. In fact, Mike and I went down to the states to order kitchen cabinets. The next day I canceled the order. Mike thinks I'm nutso. Between hunger and a crying baby, I just don't feel like I was able to evaluate the cupboards well enough. And they are a LOT more expensive than a tub, and harder to return as a matter of fact. So, we are going with the $3000 cheaper Ikea cabinets and I'll just paint them. Eventually. Probably by the time Casey it 10.

What was I talking about...voting. Here are the contestants.

1. Classic pedestal cast iron tub. Beautiful, sit at either end, classic.

2. Ignore the ugliness the tub is inset into. Most affordable option. Notice where the overflow valve is set. Nice deep tub. Good sloping back.

3. Beautiful modern freestanding tub.

4. I didn't like this tub at first, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. I don't know why. Will dog hair get stuck under the slope at the bottom?

Not a tub, but a sink I WANT SO BAD!! I will give a dollar to anyone who can find it for me. I think it is a salvage school sink. Lethbridge doesn't have much for awesome flea market finds. When you do find a great item, you fall all over yourself trying to get it before someone does.