27 April, 2009


I have found the most beautiful flowers today on Martha's website. The top one is a paper technique you can make with leftover scraps of paper. LOVE IT!  And while I still love paper flowers, I have now found these incredible clay flowers which may just trump the paper. So stunning. I might have to invest in the book at some point. They really remind me of the flowers people do out of fondant.

16 April, 2009


A while back I was looking at the Oh Happy Day blog admiring the silk ribbon embroidery she was showcasing. I can't get it out of my head and think I might give it a try.

Wouldn't it be fun to do it along the bottom of a skirt. I do love how it's done on this J Crew Dress.

13 April, 2009


I have always been fascinated by hands at work. Their movements are beautiful and graceful. Right after hands is the tongue. It's kind of grossly fascinating to watch. Seriously, stand in front of the mirror and roll your tongue around for a while and see if you don't start to see it as an alien in your mouth.

Anyhoo, back to hands. Whenever I watch Lara sew I can't help but watch her hands. I think it creeps her out.

Don't you agree? Pretty hands.

Below is what we did for 6 hours on Saturday. Our mouths open yapping away while our hands did some work. When I was driving home I remembered all of the conversations I started and didn't finish because more interesting topics came up or they just flew out of my head.

And most interesting of all was miss smiley. Happy to lay on her future quilt. it was a really fun day.

But we can't forget the dog. After running around the farm with the kids he was completely comatose by the time I got him home. He had a good day as well.

10 April, 2009


I spent the day yesterday with my friend The Lazy Organizer picking out fabric for my new project. In an effort to make babies cooler than they already are I've designed two quilt patterns that we are going to sew up and then share with the world. Yes, my creative ADD has taken me back to quilts, but this time I have the ability to put my own spin on it and a good friend helping me along the way.

So here is a sneak peak at the beginning of our task. I can't tell you how excited I am to get started on this quilt. Aren't these fabrics so beautiful! It was so hard to pick out the final combination and I liked them at the store, but after soaking them, drying them and getting them ready to press I have literally fallen in love. You should go over to lara's blog and see the fabric she picked out. I'm telling you, those fabrics are going to make her quilt something amazing.

08 April, 2009


This is my team. I love them. A creative group of awesome people that couldn't be cooler to work with. I stole these photos from Jen and will also steal her words, because why rewrite something so well written . . .

This past Thursday at work we celebrated Markus' birthday. Our theme? Rick-rolling! I won't get into how we came up with that as our theme...but let's just say...it was awesome timing. His entire cubicle was covered in Rick Astley posters...

I really wish I had gotten pictures/video of his card. We actually got a hold of one of those sound-bite mechanisms for musical cards, which was cleverly disguised inside the card behind a cut-out of Rick Astley's head, with a "Don't Push This!" reverse psychology button, right? ... & when you pressed it, it played a recording of "Never Gonna Give You Up". Brilliant.

Markus had brought in some of his vintage ties he collects, for a project he's working on, so later that day he gave us a quick lesson on how to tie a Windsor knot. Some of us had a bit of trouble (*a-hem* Lauren) workin' the tie...

After we were all rockin' our vintage ties we had a quick photo shoot...

My awesome design team members include The Ultra-Fabulous Patti B, 'Nessa VonThinkWe'reAloneNow, Julie Vogue McFly, Markus The Miami Vice Pimp, and Lauren McNailed-It (as in her tie...finally).

And the rest of these were too good not to share. I encourage you to click for a larger version of these...there's some classic face-work happenin' ;) I love these guys.

04 April, 2009


Today was my little nieces birthday and she was completely adorable. I love her. We decorated her main "photo op" cake last night until 11 pm. This "dive in" cake is pink whip cream that made its way up to her elbows, ears and hair. I had to pull out my phone to get some pics. She's so cute even through a phone.

Happy Birthday! A year sure passes fast.