29 July, 2008


This last week I went home for a holiday and my high school reunion. I had a blast, but I'm not sure Jasper did. When he wasn't being attacked by mosquitoes he was being savagely beaten by my nieces cats.

It only took a day for a couple scabs to show up on his poor nose and I'm pretty sure there are puncture marks on his back from where the cat jumped on and rode him bareback. They are just covered by fur.

I think we need a close up.

He's actually looking much better than a couple days ago.

Oh Jasper . . . I think his love of cats may be over; they scared the hell out of him.


Lauren said...

Oh, poor Jasper!

Scooter said...

I am having Twitch and Smokey put down because of my terrible guilt over Jaspar's injuries. Jaspar is no. 1 in my heart so the cats have to go! :-)