21 October, 2008


Or not so big, but what a relief. A person isn't meant to stay away from the TV so long. Oh TV, I hear you babbling in the background. How I miss thee.

Introducing the Chandelier in a Box Kit, now in my Etsy shop. They're so great for very creative people. I love them and have many more in my head to design. So, if these sell, I'll make more, if these sit on my shelf gathering dust I have gifts for a while. Either way, it's good news.



I need to find a different blog because I wish these pictures were bigger, but blogger limits my size. Oh well. And I wish the glitter glittered more in the photo, but what can a girl do.

But let's not forget Jasper . . . you say dry kibble, he says fine dining.


Anonymous said...

Hey where is the SPORTS chandeliers? And the gamer chandeliers? (MORTAL COMBAT) The Star Trek chandeliers? :-)


The Lazy Organizer said...

That's the fanciest doggy dining I've ever seen. They're beautiful! Martha would be so jealous.

Shannon said...

why didn't you ever tell me that you have a blog? i love these--good job!!! :)

Charlet said...

I love these patti! You are amazing, and so talented.

Annie said...

WOW! I've just found your blog and your creativity! You are just amazing. I'm glued and stuck on you.