04 October, 2008


I've never felt the feeling for felt that I have felt this past year. Feeling luxurious felt for the first time feels . . . fabulous. Not to mention the fuzzy forms it can formulate. Felt says, "Feel free to fondle me." (in a good way).

I have fallen in serious felt love with these bags by Etcetera Media who also sell some of their products at Supermarket a very cool online market.

I wish they were less expensive. I have a hard time spending inordinate amounts of money on bags. I'm going to have to figure out how to make them myself. Which is why I never have anything very cool, because I never make it. Or if I do, it basically looks like crap. Like the curtains that are hanging in my bedroom half made. They've been that way for 2 years. But at least the neighbor can't see me now.


The Lazy Organizer said...

Very cute! And you should really finish those curtains in your bedroom. I should finish the curtains in my daughter's room too. Then I should make some for all the other bedrooms and bathrooms in our house. Or not. The horses don't seem to mind but I'm not sure about the people driving by.

Deb F said...

Love the bags I think I need one.