17 November, 2008


A long while ago a came across the coolest cardboard taxidermy deer head found at a really great site called Rock Paper Scissors. I've also admired Girl Savage's feltidermy version of animal heads. Feeling their taxidermy inspiration, I wanted to try a more whimsical chipboard version covered in designer paper for Christmas.

So...Meet Rudolph.

I've only made one, but if I happen to hear that people want to make their own Rudolph just let me know and that could probably be arranged. If there are enough people that is.

I also have extra ornaments. Is anyone interested in them? The fit is a bit loose because I cut them wrong, but if you just pack them with glitter like I did with Rudolph, and you'll have a perfect fit.


scooter said...

That's cool .... needs eyes :-)

Charlet said...

i love it! I want one.