12 November, 2008


I imagine this might be what hell is like. Street lights beaming through your backyard bedroom window, while cement machines roar and pour slag over the side of the sound wall being built. I'm not sure why they are dumping cement over the wall instead of on the new highway they are building, but what do I know about road construction.

Please tell me it will end soon. I'm tired of creeping around my bedroom hoping no one can see me get dressed. I need to finish that other curtain!

In case you are having trouble recognizing the images in this beautiful pic, there is a fence, trees, the highway with 4 football stadium rated lights, a cement machine pouring cement, AND a bunch of men with a great view of my bedroom. My bedroom is lit up like it's daytime. Actually, it's lit up like I'm having a football game in there.


Andrea said...

That sounds horrible! How can you even sleep with it that light?

Deb F said...

Hey i have an extra bedroom, you are always welcome! But I will warn you every Tuesday morning at 5AM the garbage trucks visit and they will wake you up.

The Lazy Organizer said...

How annoying!! When we were in our old house a new house went in right next door. I thought the hammering and trucks and loud acid rock music for months on end were going to do me in. I hope it ends soon for you. Won't it be nice to have the highway shut out of your yard?

Scooter said...

So wait a minute ... you have a bunch of men at your house late at night? Patti!