04 December, 2008


This is the first time I have ever done a showcase. What a crazy amount of work getting everything ready. Then I think of the women getting the beautiful house ready where the Piper and Chloe Holiday Showcase is being held, and how much time they've put in. It's amazing these things get launched.

So, I took a photo of my setup. It's not like I originally planned because they wanted to hang the my mini chandeliers from their real chandeliers. Kind of a fun twist.

Using the ladder was Renae's brilliant idea. She's a genius that one. I think it looks cute, if you can tell through the horrific photo.

Don't forget the Glittering Tulip giveaway tomorrow. You still have time to enter.


Catherine said...

Hope it's a successful event - your setup looks great!

At the expense of sounding crazy, just had to share that I had a dream last night with your glittering tulip chandelier in it. :)

Scooter (Big Brother) said...

Patti ... I am looking like crazy in the background ... don't see anything that looks like my Christmas present .... hmmm ... :-)