16 December, 2008


Paper is awesome. It's so versatile and extremely cool. For example paper flowers are WAY more cool than silk flowers. So if you think you're hip, and you have silk flowers in your house, you might not be. I'm just sayin'.

Now I feel bad for saying that. . . I once told a roommate that if your jeans rubbed together when you walked you knew you were gaining too much weight. That was a mistake. I have never seen anyone agonize more about the fact that her jeans rubbed together. The fact is, everyone's jeans rub together when they walk and no matter how many times I tried to recant my jean rubbing statement, she would never let it go. She had other issues as well though...

So don't throw out your flowers. If you have silk flowers you can probably pull it off because of your extreme hipness!

Speaking of large hips, these paper wreaths done by Haru are to die for. She has a real skill in putting them together. I love how she has made the bottom a little thicker than the top on some of them. Nice touch.

I might have to try and make some of these.


Tom and Joellyn Clark and family said...

Girl, you cracked me up tonight. I must say I do miss sitting next to you for my daily entertainment. Love these wreaths. If you do make one I must see it!

~amy~ said...

Okay, the whole jeans thing cracked me up...FABulous wreaths...absolutely gorgeous!