02 January, 2009


"Yes, basically I'm a happy person." I love that line in When Harry Met Sally and it fits me perfectly. I really am happy. But...

Now this "but" doesn't cancel out my initial statement, but (there it is again) on Monday I was feeling a little of the after Christmas blues. On that same Monday, I went to a very good friends wedding, an old boyfriend as a matter of fact, and I sat there watching him and his new bride beam with happiness and listened to all of the positive comments that were made about both and I remembered . . . David really is happy. He throws caution to the wind and cheerfully finds pleasure in almost everything. I also remembered how David told me on a few occasions. "You have a good life Patti, you have to choose to be happy."

Now, I reiterate, I consider myself a happy person. I realize I have a wonderful life, job, house etc. but I think it's taken me a while to get here. I used to be the person that said, "I'll be happier when {blank} happens." And when {blank} happened I'd move onto the next "thing" that I believed would make me really happy. And I’m a bit of a complainer. I think it keeps me free of ulcers. AND, I like to downplay things so that if they turn out better than I expected, it’s that much more exciting! For example, “I just know that noise is a robber waiting to kill me in the bathroom. Oh, it’s just my drunk neighbor banging on the wrong door. I’m alive! Hallelujah!” But seriously, I think what David said is true, you have to choose to be happy.

I can see I've unconsciously followed his advice in the following way. My last two jobs were miserable and I helped along that misery by having a bad attitude in one job and not quitting the other horrible job soon enough. I was also hating graphic design and really missed working in a scientific field. It took some time, but finally I was fed up with the mental misery and decided to stop lamenting science and really embrace graphic design. I was going to make it work and it was going to start working by finding a new job. But I was picky, it took a year to find something that I thought was a good fit and as soon as I found my new job I made another resolution, "I'm going to love this job if it kills me."

I'm not dead yet. I do love my job and graphic design. It's amazingly creative and I work with really wonderful people. I'm happy, and I made that choice to be. So when I think back on David’s advice all I can say is, he’s right. (He would LOVE to hear me say that to him.)

But it could be better. While wallowing in my after Christmas blues I thought not just about what David said, but all of the other people who have been talking about living a more positive life, namely my friends Kristina and Oprah. Haha. And I think now is the time to really get serious about being happy and attracting all that is good into my life. So I got the book Being Happy by Andrew Matthews to carry around as a personal reminder and . . .

I’m starting a new blog, Up Not Down, A Happy Direction. This blog is a place to share stories, inspire and motivate people who have made the choice to have a happier life.

So go over to the new blog and email me your stories so we can share your inspiration and I’ll find funny things that remind us why life is so great. Remember, if you’re too busy being happy you won’t see that there is anything wrong with that.


Scooter said...


I think you need a set of these spoons sis.



Big Bro

Pegg S said...

I think your post rings true for a lot of people. An old teacher used to say to us when we were in high school "Allow yourself to be Happy"... we would just laugh at him then... but now, we understand what he is saying!

Scooter said...

Did you buy those spoons yet?