18 January, 2009


So my friend Jen is doing some really funny blog posts lately. 365 days of Jorgé, her little rubber pig. You seriously need to read her posts.

Here we are with Jorgé at Big City Soup on Thursday. He loved our afternoon of inspiration. He even saw Russell Simmons and knew him. I however did not. I saw his shoes and wouldn't have known him if I looked up anyway. I live in a sad sheltered pathetic world.


Carolyn Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, I have the same little piggy!!!! I got him from a vending machine at Hong Kong Buffet. Lol. Funny, I'll have to read her blog.
Have a good week,
Carolyn Michelle

Talk of the Town said...

Wow, you and Jen will have to connect through your little pigs.