24 March, 2009


Now, as a little girl I hated ruffles. I wore them because it was the 70's and the beginning of the 80's and my mom sewed my clothes. I guess I could handle it in the dresses until I hit junior high, but the underwear was more than I could bear, or bare if you like. I think I had ruffly underwear even before I was in kindergarten. I hated them and cried if I had to wear them.

Which makes it strange that I LOVE these pillows done by my childhood friend, college roommate for a time, and even sister, The Lazy Organizer. Sister is a questionable term though, if you were to equate her to a Woman of the Amazon, then I would be a Pigmy.

But I look at these pillows and I want to fill my couch and bed, then luxuriate in them like her little girl is. I want to be a girly girl. I'm just really digging the red, pink and lime green together. I wonder why?

Oh well, my Pigmy furnishings will have to do for now.<


The Lazy Organizer said...

I'm so flattered you like my pillowcases and I'm shocked that you like ruffles too! Let me tell you, they are not fun to iron.

Daze of our lives said...

ohhhh. . i love them too! and love the colors together. humm, maybe brooklyn's room?!

scooterbogdan said...

I was just going to say they make me think of Brook.