04 April, 2009


Today was my little nieces birthday and she was completely adorable. I love her. We decorated her main "photo op" cake last night until 11 pm. This "dive in" cake is pink whip cream that made its way up to her elbows, ears and hair. I had to pull out my phone to get some pics. She's so cute even through a phone.

Happy Birthday! A year sure passes fast.


Daze of our lives said...

look at you go with pics up already! i need to get copies of all these. . such a fun party she had! (even if she doesn't remember it!) and i can't believe she is a year either. . how time flies!
thanks for all your help with the cake and coming out and celebrating with us!

The Lazy Organizer said...

She's adorable and she sure has a lot of hair! Compared to my baldies anyway.

Kelly said...

Awwww! she's so cute! Good pictures from your phone too!

Tegan said...

cute kids + food that is destined to be smooshed = :D

haha, great pics!

Big Brother and Uncle Scooter said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I cant catch my breath between laughing and fawning over Brooke. What a sweetheart.
It also took a bit to get past the whole ... "I had to take out my PHONE to get some pictures" .. imagine hearing that 20 years ago.