13 April, 2009


I have always been fascinated by hands at work. Their movements are beautiful and graceful. Right after hands is the tongue. It's kind of grossly fascinating to watch. Seriously, stand in front of the mirror and roll your tongue around for a while and see if you don't start to see it as an alien in your mouth.

Anyhoo, back to hands. Whenever I watch Lara sew I can't help but watch her hands. I think it creeps her out.

Don't you agree? Pretty hands.

Below is what we did for 6 hours on Saturday. Our mouths open yapping away while our hands did some work. When I was driving home I remembered all of the conversations I started and didn't finish because more interesting topics came up or they just flew out of my head.

And most interesting of all was miss smiley. Happy to lay on her future quilt. it was a really fun day.

But we can't forget the dog. After running around the farm with the kids he was completely comatose by the time I got him home. He had a good day as well.


Big Bro Scoote said...

Patti ... our family convos are famous for jumping from one topic to another without resting on one for long enough to finish. I love it. :-)

The Lazy Organizer said...

I did the same thing! I had to finish all those conversations by myself in my head since you were gone.

I'm flattered that you like my hands but I really don't see it. Especially my dirty fingernails. It's not pretty.

The baby is a different story. I got a sort of non-blurry picture of you two together. I didn't know if you would want me posting it but if you can post pictures of me with my mouth gaping open I guess I can!!! No, really it's not so bad. You did a great job editing out my unflattering parts and the mess in the background.