12 August, 2009


Isn't is sad John Hughes passed away? Nobody made high school films like he did. And it isn't just because I was in high school when he made them. The best kiss ever was in Some Kind of Wonderful. Watts is so awkward and I remember slipping down in my theater seat when Keith grabs Watts' butt. I think I still would!

The music is killer as well. It gave the kiss even more impact. Hughes, or whomever, picked the greatest music for his films. He introduced me to Otis Redding in Pretty in Pink and I still have Try a Little Tenderness on tape. I think I found it in a second hand store.

I so wanted Andie to be with Duckie. He had the coolest shoes.


Lori Sume said...

i LOVE Some Kind of Wonderful! It was my first DVD! Sad about John Hughes.

Scott B said...

He reminds me of Monty Toly