25 August, 2009


What type of mother will I make. Look at my poor dog! This is what happens to him when he isn't allowed in the house in Canada. The mosquitoes try to carry him away while they suck him dry.

Many times my mom would say, "It's such a beautiful day, I'm sure Jasper would rather be outside."

"Wanna, bet." And I would promptly open the door and show him the great outdoors. "Here's your chance. Go be a free dog." His ears would instantly drop and he'd look at me like I was punishing him. So I would grab his collar and give it a little tug and in turn he would instantly go stiff legged, "NOOOOOOOO!!!!"

He hates being outside. If I sit outside in my backyard with him and a fly happens to land on his butt, he gets up and goes in, leaving me to my own devices. He's such a pansy.

Look at his poor swollen eyes.

And all down his snout. He must have had hundreds of bites.

"You did this to me." A dog can say a lot with his eyes. Swollen eyes say, you're a bad mother. Guilty....


The Tregeagles said...

Consider getting a mosquito repellent clip on for his collar.

The Lazy Organizer said...

Poor baby! I'm afraid I feel the same way about outside as Jasper. I don't like flies landing on my butt or mosquitoes biting my snout.