01 March, 2010


So most of the invites are out! This is a major accomplishment. I like how they turned out, but they were never what I had in mind. They became more simple in their look, not necessarily simple in the length of time they took to create. And because our turnaround time was tight, I try to forgive myself for the little design flaws I would fix had I noticed them before they went to press. (Pictures to come sooner or later. They will come though.)

We wanted something a little different and fun. Maybe interesting to read. We had fun putting it together. And I had fun finding inspiration. Here are some fun wedding invites I found online.

I'm really loving Rifle Paper Co. My new favorite website.

Found at the Wedding Chicks

Peculiar Pair Press
Boxcar Press

So beautiful...Jeremy & Kathleen

Studio on Fire. They can do no wrong in my eyes. The font in the second invite really inspired me so I stole it! Okay, it is an old font already that I never realized had the swashes. I love how the designer added the leaf detail to the end. Oh to have the time to do fun stuff.


Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil said...

These are fantastic! I really like them. I always loved having you as my companion. You were one of my absolute favorites and I loved your style. BUT, I seriously don't remember talking with you about design, etc... We must have been really focused on our work (: Though I've been an interior designer for a good 16 yrs., it appears you are ahead of me in the "very-cool-aesthetic-sense-department." I love reading your blog!

Talk of the Town said...

Wow Wendy. That's the nicest compliment and how did I never know you were an interior designer?

Julie said...

It's invitations like these that make me happy I haven't gotten married yet! Huzzah!

Christy said...

I was drooling over YOUR invites. Then I wiped it up.