08 May, 2010


So, my wedding sucked all of my creativity from me. Hmm, that sounds like I hate being married. NOT TRUE!! I love being married, I just wouldn't decorate the hall next time. Or I would hire the SU girls to do it all for me, straight from concept to execution. Then I would just walk in and say, "It's soooo beautiful!"

It's taken a month, but I feel my design juices starting to come back to life. If I feel creative enough today, I'm going to make these for Mother's Day. Found at Simply...Gluten Free.


Lori said...

Very cool way to make a little chocolate cup holder. Very cool! I hope you are having such a wonderful time being married. We are all so happy for you. Loved seeing the photos from your wedding. You were a beautiful bride! What a very pretty dress too. I am so happy for you and Mike. Happy weekend!

Shruti G.h said...

i <3 your blogs :)

Talk of the Town said...

Well, that was a bust. The chocolate still tasted like balloon. Most of the bowls stuck to the balloon so they collapsed, the 3 bowls that survivied, melted on the way home.

New strategy, find different balloons, and don't travel with the bowls after they are made!