02 June, 2011


I'm not the only one who is loving stitchery. Anna Maria Horner has a new needle works kit out.

It's like she pulled it right out of my brain.

I can't wait until house stuff is done so I can start stitching on a new quilt idea I have going.

I wonder if house stuff is ever done . . . technically . . .


Wendy said...

I wish I was talented like you in the needle arts! I can't even thread my sewing machine!

TheShumWAYS said...

love them!! i never got to see the finished quilt by the way! and i'm really hoping you are coming to see us next month?!! i miss texting. . life just isn't the same. .
and technically, you know the answer to your question. . a big fat NOOOOOOO!
this is heidi by the way. . just saw my sister signed in