15 January, 2012


I've been writing directions for my quilt over the past few days and in the midst of it have been admiring and been inspired by other quilts designed by amazing people. One thing I miss about being in a work environment filled with creative people is seeing their work. Creativity feeds off of creativity.

Katy Jones
is not only a very cool looking tattooed artist that I would like to be friends with, sewed this amazingly beautiful quilt which colors keep me coming back for one more look.

She had it quilted by Angela Walters. Um...wow.

I've been watching Kellie Wulfsohn for a while. She does amazing raw edge applique and her quilts are artistically exciting to me and the colors jump. She recently finished this Animal Alphabet quilt that I wish I had created. Those yaks are killing me.

This is the quilt that inspired me to design a quilt. I saw this hanging on the wall in a great quilt shop in Utah and couldn't get over how rich it was. Sue Spargo uses her own hand-dyed wool on her quilts. My next quilt I want to do as separate blocks like this seems to be. I also really want to use wool. Could be fun!

And her embroidery completely inspires me. I love this extra element on quilts, which is why I used it too.

I have recently discovered Denyse Schmidt. The simplicity of her designs are very current and I love that. There are many, many, many country quilt designs out there and it gets a little tiresome. It's just great to see fresh beautiful design.

I really admire Lori Holt's design. I love how her quilts tell a story and the different elements she uses in the appliqu├ęd top. There is a real 50's vibe to me. I'm going to aim for a quilt that tells a story next I think.

These images were found at Diary of a Quilter.

And there you have it, inspirations for the night to keep me inspired and hopefully you too. And now to bed.

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