06 January, 2012


This has been on my mind a lot lately. Well, houses are always on my mind, but lately it's tiny houses. Mike and I have been dreaming of relaxing by a lake somewhere and I would love to do it in a small cottage. No need for a sprawling McMansion to take up beautiful outdoor space.

I love this house from Creative Cottages, LLC. Most tiny homes are just a plain rectangle, but this rectangle has such great style. It's amazing what can be designed with just a little more thought.

I can just imagine walking into the light interior with it's whitewashed exposed beams and gray fireplace. The perfect getaway.

I think it is immoral how developers, banks, cities, whomever, pretty much forbid you to build anything smaller than 1200 sf anymore. And we are brainwashed too! I often sat in my 1000 square foot house, (huge compared to what I have been looking at lately) thinking I needed a second bathroom for when company came. WHY?? Company came two or three times a year and then it was just me and my dog and he didn't require another bathroom. In fact, he insisted on being in my tiny bathroom at the same time as me.

To bad Southern Alberta has a real shortage on lakes.

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Lori said...

love that tiny home. so wonderful!