09 February, 2012


Isn't it beautiful! As soon as it was hung up it made the room feel more comfy. Mike's dad laughed and looked at us like we were lunatics. He also said, "Well, in Holland the barns are connected to the houses."

Mike and I both loved the idea of a barn door that we could pull across the opening between the kitchen and the living room and lucky us, Mike's good friend is very handy with a hammer and happened to have some barn wood on hand. In fact, the wood on this door is from the first farm Mike's dad owned. A cool bit of history.

I love the detail with the strip of wood here. It's like a tailored suit.

These wheels (need dusting) are from Tony's old clothes line in his back yard. He built the entire track, which is amazing.

Thanks Tony. We still love it as much as the first day.


Casey Hyer Photography said...

Love it and Miss you!

Lori said...

Love it too! So coolio!

Andrea said...

This is absolutely brilliant!!

Joellyn said...

So awesome and very jealous over here. I've considered a barn door to close off my office area so definitely saving this for inspiration.