06 October, 2012


I found this chair on Kijiji for $25. I love a rolled arm and most rolled arm chairs I look at are over $800. I practically fell all over myself trying to call the woman selling it before someone else got it. Now, this chair probably wasn't that much, it seems a bit cheap in some ways, but still, comfy, nice shape, great to lounge in front of a window with.

Ha! I just looked at the above picture. What a MESS! It is my only before picture and I still don't have Photoshop loaded on my computer.

Anyway, the plaid fabric is definitely "cabinish" and not too horrible, but I wasn't looking to be too stereotypical here. So I decided to slipcover it.

The back cushion was extremely misshapen and uncomfortable, so I replaced it with a cushion from Ikea. Pretty good size. I did cover it with batting to make it a little bigger. I also had to shorten the seat cushion. It was weird how long it was and it also left these big gaps in front of the arms. You can kind of tell in the first picture.

It's amazing how comfortable and cheap canvas drop cloth can be. This chair gets sat in the most.

I tied the backs with some ribbon I saved on a wedding gift from a good friend. She knew I coveted that ribbon. At least I think she knew. It adds a little bit of flair to a spot nobody sees.

So there you have it, a comfy chair for at the most $50.I wish I had two.

Instead I have two of these which need to be recovered. I'll probably just slipcover them as well. Easy to keep clean that way.

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Lori said...

nice! you are so domestic! love the sock under the first chair and the truck under the last chair. So boy! so perfect.