19 April, 2008


This last Christmas I seemed to be juggling a lot of craft projects. None of which are completed. As part of a bigger idea I started these felt flowers which were heavily inspired by a very cool felt flower on Heather Bailey's blog. I think now that I have a new niece I should finish the project (to be revealed at a later time) and give it to her.

Here is a close up. I used a running stitch in the pink felt and a blanket stitch in the beige. And don't you just love the covered button? Killer fabric.

I felted (fulled) the beige felt myself from an old wool sweater. What a process that was. Energy efficient washers just don't felt like a good old fashioned water waster.

I'm thinking I should make some kits out there for people to make their own flowers. It really was a good project to keep your hands busy while watching TV. I'll have to mull that idea over.

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