18 April, 2008


I just need to talk about this blog Bakerella. Annie at work made these cupcakes for Cupcake Tuesday. Sounds fun doesn't it, Cupcake Tuesday... unfortunately it died a very rapid death. It only occurred for 3 weeks and one of those weeks it was on Wednesday.

Kristina showed me the Bakerella blog and I just can't stop looking at it. The photos are so beautiful and the food looks delectable. Not to mention the fact that she has only been blogging since October 2007 and she appeared on Martha Stewart's show to make these very cupcakes. How COOL is that! She did a great job.

And YUM! I want to eat the photo. Unfortunately I made a pact with my coworkers that we wouldn't eat any sugar. Except a homemade treat on someones birthday for the next three weeks. I think mine is the next birthday. Hint, hint.

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