25 October, 2008


Yaa, I've had my first sale for some lucky girls and their bedroom at Lake Tahoe. Their mom will get to decorate the Sweet Tweet for them.

Seriously though, this comes from a good luck charm Holly, who posted them on her blog. I think I'll keep her around. After a long wait, she has created a great new set of stamps which can be found here. I stole this card from her blog to post. Isn't it cute.

Thanks Holly.


Kristina Werner said...

WAHOO! I knew you'd sell one! Soon, you won't have any left! :)

Andrea said...

YAAAAY!! I saw Holly's post about them and I knew you had a sale FAST.

Anonymous said...

I just bought your NUMBER 2 and I'm sooo very excited to decorate :) Is it coincidence that the quilt I'm coordinating my paper with is Heather Bailey and she's on your stalker list? I'm your new biggest fan!

Here's a shout out and I can't wait to post pics of my new birdies!


Thanks much!

Patti said...

Is it unprofessional if I say WOW!!! this is so exciting. I feel like it's Christmas. 2 sales!

Thanks Heather! I'm really excited to see it in Heather Bailey's paper.

I'm going to have to take Holly out for lunch.

jenny holiday said...

Hi!! I just found your blog..through your etsy shop..that I ALSO just found!!! FUNNNN!! I adore your creations!! Really really fabbb!!! I will surely be shopping with you soon!!! I MUST own one of your adorable chandeliers!!!

Keep the fab coming!!
xoxo Jenny