27 October, 2008


So I guess the 2008 Quilt Market in Houston just ended. Maybe it just began or is still going on. Regardless, I'd really like to go one day. The amazingly beautiful fabrics people design are so fun. And they are so much more amazing now than when I used to make quilts.

I love sounding like I've made loads of quilts. I've made two and another two are in my cupboard barely started from oh about 7 to 10 years ago. One of them is an amazing snowflake pattern that I'd like to throw away and choose new fabric for.

Jessica Jones (fun blog) had fabric displayed in a booth for the Quilt Market and it is so vibrant and beautiful. The booth even won an award for Best New Booth. I had to show it here.

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Andrea said...

I remember seeing some of Jessica Jones' fabrics on a blog a few weeks back and remarking how pretty they were. Her booth is amazing!