30 November, 2008


Hey, I've received some awesome responses. The power of Kristina. Don't you LOVE that she's doing a virtual card club now.

The giveaways are still underway. The PDF one will end tomorrow night and you still have until next Friday for the Glittering Tulip.

To answer some really great questions I've gotten:

I cut the chipboard with a laser cutter. And no, I don't own one, I pay LOTS of money for a really nice company to do it for me. I wish I had a laser cutter. Someone want to loan me 16 thousand dollars?

As for how to make the wreath, it's really simple. I bought a green foam wreath. Used long pins and pushed a pin through each star and into the foam wreath. I tried to layer them, then I filled in the empty spots with the vanilla pearls.

Debbie, I want to see a photo of your paper stars!

Here is some new stuff I posted to my Etsy shop this weekend. It's a busy time, but super fun!

The Shooting Star - Chandelier in a Box

'Tis the Season PDF Tags

The Lengthy Calendar PDF

1 comment:

Andrea said...

where to start? I didn't think your star chandelier could look any cuter, but I love the way you covered it.

Love the tags and I'm soooo glad you did the calendar PDF...it's a steal of a deal for $5!!