01 December, 2008


For the first day of December I'm giving away. 

Now I have to say, I consider myself reasonably intelligent and I'm somewhat computer savvy. But truly, I'm an idiot when it comes to figuring out how Technorati works. I don't think it does, it can't be me. There are a lot of you with links out there and I'm so HAPPY for them and I've seen lots of people check out my blog through your links. But they just don't show up in my link searches and I've spent waaaayyy too much time trying to figure it out. (If you know something I don't please tell me)

So, onward and upward I will select from the messages. Which means, if you didn't submit to the Chandelier in a Box giveaway because you don't have a blog, here is your CHANCE!

I've picked my random number from Research Randomizer 

CATHERINE THIS IS YOU!!!! I love winning stuff. Congratulations. I'm going to try and find your e-mail address right now. If you don't see anything in your e-mail, contact me.

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