01 October, 2009


Yep, I splurged and got a new camera. The photogs at work tried to convince me that I needed the Canon 7D. They are silver tongued canon convincers and I almost took the bait. But in reality, I have a lot to learn before I plunk down what to the photog world is a paltry sum of money for fairly good equipment. If I ever think I'm good enough to deserve the 7D, I'll spend, spend, spend. Instead I just spent, spent on the Canon T1i.

I took it out for a spin yesterday and WOW, I love the camera and can't wait till I take photos that I drool over. But this is what I have so far, using my dog as my muse.

Off to find the rock amongst the grain.

I think he smells it!

Where'd he go?

A chocolate lab rises from the gold.

Stand BACK.

I could only get this shot by faking I was going to throw a rock. How do people get pictures of dogs? When I move, he moves. I'm not going to lie, me + camera + dog = a frustrated agony.

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Deb F said...

big thumbs up!!! YEAH