29 October, 2009


Almost time to think about Christmas. Look at this amazing tutorial for stockings from Maggie Makes. The colors are so beautiful and non-traditional. I think I might have to make some. I'm pretty sure if my friend Paula likes it enough she'll have it made by this weekend. She is compelled to craft after all and the fastest crafter I have ever seen.


Christy said...

Paula IS the fastest crafter ever. I think I may be the slowest. Love the stocking idea. Great way to use up scraps!

sportsmom said...

That is a really cute stocking--but they need to change the alignment of the title on the picture--at first glance it looks like it says "Crap stocking"!

Luv ya! Kel

Talk of the Town said...

Hahaha, that's funny...crap stocking.

Paula said...

Paula here to say I LOVE the stocking and want to make one this very weekend!!!

Okay, maybe not this very weekend since I'm slated to play with Levi all day Saturday, but it's on the top of the list of things that must be made.


(That's wolf for "I love your stinkin' guts and miss you even more.")